Peter Neumann: Photographs, Abstracts & Illustrations

Peter began taking photographs as a boy, inspired by his father who was a painter and a sculptor. In 1982, Peter opened a commercial still life studio in New York, catering to advertising agencies and magazine publishers. Weekends and vacations were spent with his 4x5 Deardorf view camera shooting black and white landscapes in the tradition of Ansel Adams, his hero.

In the early 1990’s Peter began using Photoshop and several 3D software programs to create illustrations for magazines and annual reports. His Botanical and Architectural Abstracts were developed by integrating the capabilities of the software with his photography.

Many of Peter’s landscapes are included in private and corporate collections, and several of his Dune prints can be seen in the Brooklyn Museum. His work has been featured in eight magazines and in 2001, his “Absolute Hangover” was in the Brooklyn Museum show, “Digital: Printmaking Now”.

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